Q: What makes Southside Child Development Center different from other centers in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas?

A: Southside Child Development Center opened its doors in 1992 with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality childcare in this area. Within the first year of operation, Southside became the first childcare program in Baton Rouge to earn NAEYC National Accreditation. We were Nationally Accredited from 1993 - 2006 at which point we transitioned to the Louisiana Quality Start Program because of the tax deduction benefits offered to our parents.  We have earned 4 out of 5 quality stars through this program.  Southside Child Development Center has been toured by students from Southern University, Louisiana State University, and Baton Rouge Vocational and Technical School; has been voted as Baton Rouge's Family Favorite in the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine for 4 consecutive years; and has been a benchmark for many other childcare centers emulating quality care.

Q: What criteria do you use for hiring your employees?

A: Before an applicant can become an employee at Southside Child Development Center they must:
1. Interview with the Proprietor;
2. Must have a fingerprint background check through the Louisiana State Police;
3. Must have 3 above average professional references;
4. Complete a physical;
5. Be Child CPR certified, Medicine, and 1st Aid certified:
6. Pass the classroom visit with the teacher in charge;
7. Have experience in commercial childcare (and credentials if they are a teacher);
8. Have a natural, unconditional ability to nurture other people's children.

Q: I prefer to have my child in a Christian childcare center. How do you compare?

A: Children learn good morals and values by emulating the behavior of the adults who care for them. Children learn by doing. Religion is abstract. A child does not need to attend a center that calls itself Christian to learn how to be a Christian. Observe the actions of the caregivers. Much can be said about their actions and body language, alone. Just because a center has a name that reflects a religious sector does not guarantee a Christian environment. Visit!

Q: What type of learning style do you use?

A: Southside Child Development is developmentally appropriate in its learning style and philosophy. We implement a "hands on" approach to learning, which includes learning centers, lots of toys at the children's level so they can pick and choose what they would like to play with; and a blend of quiet play, noisy play, outside play, and inside play.

Q: Do you have a waiting list?

A: Call us and ask. We may have space available in a specific classroom when you call. We only allow families to get on our waiting list if we are able to accomodate them in about 6 months. So if a specific class has no openings, the waiting list for that particular class may have one or two families on it. Our waiting lists are short. Beware of childcare centers who place all visitors on their waiting list.

Q: How do I get my child on the waiting list?

A: To get on the waiting list, come by and do a tour. If you are interested in enrolling you will need to pay the annual registration/material fee and complete the packet of paperwork. That's all! Your child is next to attend Southside.